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Welcome to the Lansden Family Website!

Hello, We would like to share a few things about our family, friends and the special events that have happened in our lives.  We have plenty of photos and descriptions of all of us to keep you busy.  We also have our Friends Favorites section where you can contribute your own favorites. We hope you enjoy!

Family News

Check out our photos of our trip to Czech Republic that we took April 28th thru May 16th of 2005.

Photo Album

Look at our photo album filled with pictures from our family, wedding,  vacations, and special events. For monitors with resolutions set less than 1024 x 768 please press the F11 key to go to full screen mode.



Also take a look at our Ancestors section where we have information and photos about our relatives.

Sears Photos of Natalie

We have lots of photos of  Natalie and some of her best ones are from Sears.



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